Quite surprisingly to a lot of people, many apartment and house rental tenants still pay cash or write checks to pay their rent to their landlords.

Of course, that payment method is going out of vogue faster due to the Covid 19 infection pandemic. Now in the spring of 2021, as new more contagious Covid 19 variants threaten, seeing tenants face to face even for a moment to collect and process a paper check or cash payment is dangerous for the landlord and all those in their households.

The Covid 19 threat isn’t expected to go away, and almost everyone…

Best Property Management Software Solutions
Best Property Management Software Solutions
Property Management Software Reviews

As we enter into 2021, property managers, landlords and other property investors are reviewing their property management software.

That’s for good reason too. Your software’s strengths and weaknesses will effect business outcomes. In this post, we want to avoid obsessing over details, and instead keep your eye on the big picture, about finding a solution that’s right for you to help you profit and grow.

Software, Apps and Platforms

The many property management solutions listed below offer an increasing number of benefits, which will make them more valuable to landlords and property managers in the years ahead. …

Property Management Service Quality

It wasn’t long ago that our economy was described in terms of goods production. GDP and business was mostly about physical products of various kinds.

It was the quality of the physical products and their packaging that generated sales and loyal customers.

Today, we’ve more of a service-oriented economy, yet the lessons of the product era shouldn’t be lost. The principles of excellence in marketing and sales are the same — delivered instead through digital channels and apps.

Learning about our service quality and how it impacts our brand and profitability is important.

For instance, the property management software you…

When managing tenants, finances and property maintenance are just too much to handle, you need to considering hiring a professional in property management.

In every month of the year, you have a lot of challenges to surmount and you’ve likely developed some good property management skills during this time.

Yet at some point, perhaps during during this year, amidst rising time demands and rent payment problems, that hiring a property management company. might be a better route to profitability.

Consider your chief challenges which include unit maintenance, rent collection, tenant communications and management, and daily financial transactions. …

2020 is sneaking up on us. The future is always doing that isn’t it? The foundation we set years ago is what is producing our current results. And now we look forward to creating next year’s results, right now.

That’s why it’s so important to put aside your work details and consider the big trends in the real estate, tech, political, and economic scene will impact landlords and property managers in 2020 and beyond.

These top property management trends include increased competitiveness in local markets, more rent controls and regulation, and the rise of proptech with its seeming lack of…

It’s an era where big investment companies and single property buyers are finding themselves as accidental landlords.

It’s the rising value of rental property in an era of almost enforced low availability that’s creating new landlords.

But managing rentals can be complicated given tax, government regulation, rent controls, troublesome demanding tenants, and the rising cost of maintenance. Reigning in costs and helping landlords manage more efficiently is what’s behind the demand for landlord software.

Landlord Tasks Grow With Less Help Available

If you have employees in your company, you’re faced with higher costs and staffing issues. NAA finds human resource management issues for landlords and property managers…

As America goes, so goes Vegas. Vegas was roaring back again however, the pandemic landed a nasty blow to the economy.

The exodus from California is helping out and as the economy revives this year, we’ll see Las Vegas rents and home prices rise. Right now in the US, home prices are rising faster than rents.

For 2021, Las Vegas and Henderson NV may be two of the best cities for buying rental property. Homes and apartments are still reasonably priced and rental yields are growing.

Check out our rental market report for comparisons to other US cities. The ante…

While the US housing market suffers from lack of housing, recent diminishing construction, and higher financing costs, one sector of real estate is shining — apartments and multifamily developments.

Property investors often cling to the notion that land and single family housing offers the best ROI. Now that house prices may be reaching peak levels, capital appreciation rates are slowing. Land is valuable, but the ROI per house or townhouse is lacking.

With 80 million babyboomers retiring, and a lack of single housing units being built, the demand for multifamily developments will keep increasing. …

Cash Flow Positive. That phrase has some panache for all investors. And for real estate investors, there’s always properties that will produce positive cash flow for many, many years. But just how do you find them?

It’s an easy process actually. The devil is later in the details where you assess their real cash flow value.

A key part of your rental income property investment strategy is your search to find positive cash flow properties wherever they exist. You can use the help of a Realtor who has access to the all important MLS, and you can search yourself on…

The work of property management staff never seems to end. Whether it’s tenants, owners, landlords, contractors, and an endless stream of accounting tasks, the days can be gruelling.

It’s the same in most industries and as businesses increase their customer base and provide more and better quality service. Yet, we all have a finite amount of time and energy for our work. At some point, we look for a better way and automation is it.

Software automation is a process of optimizing workloads for property managers and increasing the quality of reports and tenant interactions.

There’s a lot of reasons…


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