Cloud Based Property Management Software Benefits

5 min readJul 31, 2018

You may have heard and read a little about cloud hosting/computing and found your eyes glazing over a little.

Well, sometimes the “techy” crowd get a little too impressed with trends and nerdy computing details. They fail to explain the real business benefits that make you pay attention.

So , let’s not get caught up in all the techno-hype because it’s the real business benefits for your property management business now and in the future that’s the issue. When landlords and investors know you’re cloud connected, it’s like saying “we’re cheaper and more effective.” The cloud offers a powerful cluster of services and opportunities that lifts your brand image and value proposition.

Your Old Software and Servers Had Their Day

10 years, ago, it was state of the art. But no more. We can liken the matter to using your old Windows XP computer. That old computer might still barely operate, but it has some serious security, compatibility, scalability, and performance issues. The risk alone makes it unwise for anyone doing banking, accounting, or keeping passwords and private data safe (as required by law).

It’s the same with old server systems. They don’t perform well, could be hacked, can’t be updated, and you can’t use powerful new software and apps with them. If your property software is running on old legacy, self-hosted platform, consider it a business liability and a threat.

Don’t wait for big “event” where it crashes or is hacked — that might ruin your business

The best property management companies have adopted cloud based solutions and are creating a sustainable business advantage for themselves and their customers.

5 Essential Benefits of Cloud Property Management Software

1. Lower Cost The cloud is a network of computers which share technical computing resources. Legacy systems on the other hand need to be hosted on a local server with an administrator. That’s expensive. Because cloud systems are so vast and provide so many services, it’s comparatively inexpensive in contrast.

Savings in price is thousands of dollars in hosting, administration, and programming.Maintenance, upgrades, and more are handled by the cloud hosting company. And if you have a wordpress blog, they have the resources to ensure its fast and not easily hacked.

2. Improved Compatibility and Performance The gigantic cloud system offers many services and software compatibility benefits whether mobile or desktop, via Windows or Linux. It allows PM systems to leverage an exciting variety of new cloud-based landlord apps or property management apps.

Many of the new apps and other services are increasingly only available on the cloud. This is where computing is going. Instead of software entrepreneurs developing solutions for the old Microsoft or other achaic software, they’re zeroing in on cloud applications.

If you like working remotely via tablet or smartphone connnected to a local coffee shop wifi, you have that luxury with cloud based systems. If you want to add in a business boosting app, you can do that quick.

3. Better Security Although having data stored on outside servers may seem risky at first, the big cloud server/hosting firms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Salesforce, and SAP offer the latest in data encryption, firewall and other security tools. That level of security isn’t available on small local servers.

The threat of hacking is always there yet these companies have better software and hardware resources, top notch data encryption, as well as trained security professionals to better identify hackers in real time. That means they’re actually more secure.

Cloud hosting companies can watch network activity better and respond quicker to attacks originating from anywhere in the world. Let’s face it, there are bad people out there and they can hack into small proprietary systems much easier. When your legacy software connects to customers or staff, its an opening for hackers and other criminals.

4. Infinite Scalability In terms of the number of users, computing, and data storage is concerned, the cloud has infinite resources. That means cloud based property software can respond instantly to your company’s needs. No bottlenecks, downtime, and crashes due to restrictions.

No matter how many units and tenants you have in your system, it functions the same. That’s a source of confidence for large and fast growing property management companies who don’t want downtime and the frustration of hosting on a completely new system.

5. Easier Collaboration Your staff, landlords, contractors and tenants are very important. Cloud based property management software enables easy, secure collaboration with a variety of tools. You can all connect with them anytime, anywhere via any device, and everyone can access their data and accounts without problems.

The cloud makes online rent payment, real time accounting, easy document management, and better availability to tenants. Since mobile property management is becoming the standard, an investment in the cloud is going to make that come true for you.

This ease, efficiency, low cost all add up to a powerful value proposition to tenants which ensures your cash flow is preserved.

That in layperson’s terms, is why cloud based software systems are a boon to property managers and landlords. Try a free trial of Managecasa and see how this can revolutionize your PM business.

Try ManageCasa and discover how a cloud based property management software creates solid business value.

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