Property Management Automation — 7 Top Benefits

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The work of property management staff never seems to end. Whether it’s tenants, owners, landlords, contractors, and an endless stream of accounting tasks, the days can be gruelling.

It’s the same in most industries and as businesses increase their customer base and provide more and better quality service. Yet, we all have a finite amount of time and energy for our work. At some point, we look for a better way and automation is it.

Software automation is a process of optimizing workloads for property managers and increasing the quality of reports and tenant interactions.

There’s a lot of reasons for you to adopt property management software. The automation of daily tasks and customer interaction may be the most important. Property managers cite workload and stress as key issues, so software developers such as ManageCasa are responding to your need for friction free workdays and better results.

It’s a Transformation Not a Trend

Sure, automation can seem like a unsettling word, but it’s going to be best business asset you have — one you won’t be able to manage without. As workloads increase, every property manager is under pressure to simplify. PM software is the way to transform how you do business.

New property management startups have a competitive advantage. With no legacy systems or old school practices, they’re free to build their business on top of software automation. It automatically optimizes their business processes. They pursue lucrative property portfolios with no hesitation.

Property management software allows you to automate multiple business operations

Why Is Software Automation So Good?

Consider these very important benefits of automation:

1. Rent Collection: automating online rental payments for tenants reduces issues and errors in transactions. The whole process is done invisibly to you so it’s like the task disappears.

2. Maintenance Requests: Fewer phone calls and using pre-resolution communications means you may not even have to send a contractor, or at least to be certain of what’s needed so there is no costly mistakes.

3. Simplified Accounting: bookeeping entries and accounting reports done without your manual input means you can concentrate on verification.

4. Number of Doors: Streamlining operations mean you can manage more properties (multifamily) and seriously increase your revenue and profit.

5. Property Inspections: Enjoy receiving reports or creating them online in a software module via a mobile device. Mobile inspections can save a lot if you conduct 20 ore more inspections per month.

6. Reduced Paperwork: Those piles of paper in the cabinets are the bane of property managers worldwide. If you automate much of that documentation, you’ll have elminated the stress and errors so common.

7. Automating Performance and Financial Reports: Collecting, collating and interpreting data for reports is a horrible task. The best software accurately and quickly does this and gives you real time views of your business. Your board members, treasurers and staff will appreciate not having to make so many phone calls when the data is readily available in reports.

“I’ve Already Tried Rental Property Software”

Instead of procrastinating or giving up because the property software you used was awful, hard to learn, and tiring, investigate again with a longer time perspective. Perhaps the software you used wasn’t designed for human user’s learning styles. Some software was designed for users.

Visualize one year down the road where you could be enjoying a much lower workload and making your tenants happier. Cut costs and raise revenue. This is how you will keep your property management business sustainable.

Research shows tenants don’t want old school management. It’s unresponsive, makes them feel helpless and bogged down, and doesn’t fit with their daily lives. Tenants are busy. Contractors are busy too trying to keep their businesses profitable and increasingly they would rather be updated via text or computer interface.

Property software fails when it’s too complicated and discourages use. If tenant communications and management is your key problem then try a solution that focuses on communications. Master that first, then move on to integrate accounting, rental payment, or maintenance contractor management.

You don’t need an all-inclusive property management solution. Instead you need those modules that will reduce your work yet still fit in with how you manage clients with a personal touch.

Software automation also hides the complexity of business operations so you can focus on those areas that must have your attention. Focus is central to feeling good and keeping your business healthy.

Try out ManageCasa and discover those modules you could use a little help with. It’s more than automation, it’s service optimization. Your staff and tenants will love it.

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