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3 min readNov 11, 2019

It’s an era where big investment companies and single property buyers are finding themselves as accidental landlords.

It’s the rising value of rental property in an era of almost enforced low availability that’s creating new landlords.

But managing rentals can be complicated given tax, government regulation, rent controls, troublesome demanding tenants, and the rising cost of maintenance. Reigning in costs and helping landlords manage more efficiently is what’s behind the demand for landlord software.

Landlord Tasks Grow With Less Help Available

If you have employees in your company, you’re faced with higher costs and staffing issues. NAA finds human resource management issues for landlords and property managers will only worsen. Property management companies are finding their costs aren’t rising as fast as revenue, so things are okay for now.

But when rent prices fall, these same costs become a threat. Of course, in some cities they’re becoming more of a problem.

Graphic courtesy of NAA
Graphic Courtesy of NAA

Simplified Management for Landlords

What big and small business landlords want is a simple landlord software solution. Some have tried non-dedicated landlord software products and found them wanting. That’s because the requirements of property management are specific. Client accounts have to be kept separate, not just legal reasons, but for financial management and reporting.

Fortunately, there are landlord software products available which provide the necessary features, yet are simplified and easy to use. Simplification is important. Landlords are inundated with responsibilities, not to mention the demand of their own personal lives. When landlords burn out, they report conflicts with their personal lives and time pressures.

If you have 10 to 50 properties, that’s enough to put some pressure on. This is enough work for a full time property manager. Yet, you may have a job currently. Using a good, dedicated, online property management software platform brings all your work under one dashboard.

All in One Automated Landlord Solutions

Find all-in-one, cloud-based online solution to raise your efficiency and take command of all aspects of landlord and property management responsibilities from tenant management to bookkeeping and accounting to lease management and maintenance operations.

Automation is the key. If you can automate tasks, it takes it off your plate and lets you take care of your key management responsibilities. When you can get the essential tasks done quick and correctly, that takes the load off emotionally.

Your new landlord software will change how you do business. It can also decrease your property management costs, reduce time waste, and open up opportunities to make more money.

With rent controls gaining traction across the US, your profit margins might be reduced in 2020. Finding a good landlord software solution can help you now and in the years ahead. See ManageCasa’s landlord starter package.

Learn more about digital bookkeeping for landlords , acquiring landlords insurance and enjoy these landlord tips for better performance for the years ahead.

Learn more about property management for landlords at ManageCasa. Make 2021 your best year yet.

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